Clarendon, that wonderous yuppie village in NoVa, has been blessed with several new eateries in the last few years. Their luck tripled when Eventide opened bringing with it a cozy downstairs bar lounge, a delicious seasonal restaurant on the spacious second floor, and a wide open rooftop deck.

In the restaurant’s early days, Mike and I made short work of Eventide’s bar menu in their sleek, industrial space. While beer and wine are available on tap, the real fun is in the well-crafted cocktail list, topped with seasonal ingredients. Tipplers looking to warm up a winter evening may want to toss back The Westover, a potent concotion of Rittenhouse BiB Rye mixed with vanilla syrup, chartreuse Rinse, and topped with an orange peel. 

Down a hallway of eclectic mirrors, up the stairs, and behind heavy velvet curtains is Eventide’s soaring dining room. Chef Miles Vaden, who previously pleased Capitol Hill diners at Sonoma, toils in the kitchen to present diners with robust seasonal dishes. A dish of roasted oxtail in housemade ravioli was succulent and soothing for a dark night. The pasta, made with guajillo peppers, delivers a touch of kick along with a surpsingly golden tint. Meanwhile, a companion’s lamb loin housemade suasage with roasted brussel sprouts hit the perfect savory note.

3165 Wilson Blvd.
Arlington, VA 22201
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