Okay, yes, finally we are reviewing 2 Amy’s Pizza. A DC favorite. A consistent #1 on many a pizza lover’s long lists of DC’s best. Should we issue anything less than a choir of angels trumpeting the awesomeness of 2 Amy’s, I fear we’ll have to outrun an angry pizza mob armed with torches, rotten tomatoes, and sloshing buckets of molten mozzarella. All of which has added up to making me ambivalent. Maybe I won’t like it. There are plenty of other great pizza options in DC like Piola or Pizzeria Paradiso. Maybe I don’t want to go along with the crowd, gawd. Plus, 2 Amy’s is like, so far awaaaaay and there is always a liiiiiiine.  

My hunger for a cripsy, cheesy pizza finally outwrestled my contrariness and we met up with our friends Jason and Amy and their adorable towheaded kids one Sunday morning. Although we showed up just a few minutes after the restaurant opened, we were told the wait was already up to 45 minutes.  We bellied up to the bar in the meantime, biding our time in the raucous dining room until a table opened up.

2 Amy’s is known for pizza but their secret weapon are the specials and appetizers. Options range from sliced piles of cured meats like bresaola, prosciuotto, and speck paired with cheeses and briny olives. For our early lunch we opted for an order of arancini and spicy lamb meatballs, one of the day’s specials. The meatballs arrived in a spicy, pungent sauce just slightly teased with a hint of cinnamon, giving the full dish a Moroccan zing. 

When it came to the main event, Mike and I quickly gravitated to the Norcia – a bright combination of house-cured salami, grilled red peppers, and fresh mozzarella. The result was a gooey, spicy, briny bite. True to form, the crust came out charred, though it lacked the satisfying crackle I had hoped for. Jason, a 2 Amy’s regular, noted this had been a recent development on his last couple of visits. Still, the pizza was delicious and kudos to any restaurant who frisbees house-cured meats onto a fresh pizza.

Is 2 Amy’s the best pizza in DC? Maybe.  Is it worth a drive out of one’s own neighborhood and the guranteed wait for a table on even an innocuous night? Probably not. But if I ever find myself in upper NW, I’d be twice as happy to find myself perusing the 2 Amy’s menu for specials and thinking about a cheesy crust in my near future.

2 Amy’s
3715 Macomb St NW
Washington, DC 20016

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