French Twist DC wants to get you ready for Macaroon Day
Sign of the Whale, one of the key locations in the Connecticut Ave Herpes Triangle, has moved to Connecticut Ave and the Madhatter has re-opened with new management. My 22-year old self is glad to have this info. My present day Twirtysomething self wonders if anyone who reads a DC food blog would go to either of those places.
DCist gives us the buzz (ha!) about the White house beekeeper and tosses in a shout out for urban bee keeping in the process. 
Againn is opening a second location in Rockville. 

Interested in an organic wine tasting?

Did you know there is a Ryan Adams-themed pizza joint in North Carolina?

Not to be outdone by my recent whining about Mexican food in DC, one brave DCist soul tries a bunch of taquerias in search of DC’s best taco. The suggestions in the comments section are worth a visit. 
What is the first sign of spring in the city? Dining al fresco.  
Best Documentary Oscar winners created a sting operation on Hump, a restaurant in Santa Monica found to be serving whale.  

This year’s Arlington Reads program focuses on sustainable food.

Jane Black spills the beans on underground (and we don’t mean in the metro) dining in DC. 
DC Wrapped Dates gives a thorough review of Four Sisters
K Street Kate reports Serendipity 3 will open in the old Nathan’s location in Georgetown. 
Get the butter, ya’ll! Paula Deen’s sons are launching a food magazine for men. I’m all for another food magazine in the marketplace but suggesting that men have a different way of cooking strikes me as BS.