Close your eyes and picture the ideal coffee house. What do you see? 

A sunny spot with plenty of seating for those with laptops, books, or friends to catch up with? Would you like a side of Wi-Fi with that?

A dedicated coffee staff including a Director of Coffee on-hand to ensure your Counter Culture beverage is top notch? 

How about decent food options in place of the ubiquitous plastic case housing muffins of questionable age? Oh, and while you’re going crazy with expectations, why not toss in locally sourced milk and cream?

The owners of Liberty Tavern have added a new bright spot to their northern Clarendon neighborhood. Northside Social is a coffee house to the nth degree. The airy, two-story building has been revamped with a country chic vibe – don’t miss that metal pail chandelier – and friendly atmosphere.  The space has already caught on like pink eye with the locals – on both visits it was a struggle to find an open seat among the sippers, studiers, and socializers. 

What is most remarkable about Northside Social is not just the coffee and atmosphere, both of which are great. It’s the dedication put into the food. Where most coffeeshops have pastries and a few sandwiches delivered, Northside Social has a full, operating kitchen and bakery in the back.  On a recent lunch visit I devoured a smoked salmon sandwich that was pure perfection. The salmon was bright and flavorful. The bread, two hearty slices of country loaf, was smeared with a light cream cheese and microgreens and a tart chutney to bring the flavors together.

Northside Social employs a full time pastry chef who bakes daily from 7 to 3pm. The quality shows in each bite. I could have happily eaten a full loaf of the bread from my sandwich. A rich red velvet cupcake layered in silky cream cheese icing satisfied even my voracius sweet tooth. A crisp espresso biscotti paired sweetness and bitters while Mike and I took advantage of the sunshine  with a rich ice latte and ice coffee (left). Oh, and the milk from that latte? Came directly from Clear Spring Creamery.

I look forward to future visits to Northside Social. I just hope I can find an open seat. 

Northside Social
3211 Wilson Blvd Arlington
Arlington, VA 22201

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