It’s official!  After test runs on Friday night in Adams Morgan and Saturday evening in Dupont Circle, the newest food truck to hit the streets will be serving its first lunch crowds today.

FryCaptain, the brainchild of Jake Sendar, will be bringing crisp, hot french fries (complete with an array of flavorful dipping sauces) and cold, thick milkshakes to compete with the lobster rolls, frozen yogurt, cupcakes and all the other food truck treats.  And they’re not a moment too soon – there are at least two other trucks scheduled to start making the rounds within the next week.

We talked with Jake and his fry chef Rusty to get an idea of what to expect when the truck pulls up to its first stop – 1 Massachusetts Ave., NW (near Union Station) – today.

We asked about the fries and learned that they’re cut and prepped each day before service begins, then fired up hot on the spot.  For now, at least, they’re cooking the fries in a trans-fat free vegetable oil, but they’re still looking into other options and may consider peanut oil or another option down the road.  They are also committed to bringing their promised duck-fat fries online within the next few weeks, though they’re rolling out with just the basic fries for now.

Funky flavors for dipping sauces and shakes after the jump.

The dipping sauces are all their own recipes, and the website menu lists twenty-two options.  Truffle ketchup?  Check.  Horseradish mayo? Check.  Korean BBQ Sauce?  You betcha.  Nutella?  Marshmallow?  Woah.  Space constraints will limit them to offering up five or so at a time, and today’s launch will feature Curry Mayo, Mango Chutney Mayo, Srirachi-Sesame Mayo, Truffle Ketchup, and Chili Ketchup.  They’ll also have an array of salts and seasonings to top your spuds, including sea salt, paprika salt, Old Bay and Cajun spices.

There are almost as many shake options to wash down those fries, with fourteen options listed on the website and five flavors advertised for today: Chocolate, Vanilla, White Chocolate Berry, Strawberry, and Cinnamon-Espresso.  We’re eagerly awaiting some of the more out-there options like avocado and sea salt & olive oil.

Inaugural prices are darn reasonable, with a single order of fries running $3.50 and a double order for $5.  Each order comes with a free dipping sauce and/or specialty seasoning.  Additional sauces can be had for $0.50 each.  Sweet potato fries are $1 extra, and duck fat fries will set you back an extra $1.50 once they’re on line.  Milkshakes are also $3.50, a very competitive price relative to some of the other popular shake destinations around town.

FryCaptain is planning to test a few locations to gauge demand, but they plan to post a formal schedule to their website once it’s set.  For now, as with most food trucks, Twitter is your best friend.  You can find them at @frycaptain, and to sweeten the deal they’ll be giving away five free milkshakes each week to random Twitter followers.

As soon as we’ve had a chance to check them out we’ll be sharing photos of the fries, shakes and the truck itself so you know what to look forward to.  If you see them at lunchtime today, let us know what you think!