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When we told you about FryCaptain’s debut yesterday, we warned you that there were a couple of additional food truck launches on the very near horizion.

Is today soon enough for you?

Wonky Truck has done a few test runs over the past two weeks, and today they go live.  They’ve even got a new website up and running, though they’ll continue to post location updates via Twitter (@eatwonky) and Facebook.  Hungry fans can find them at Franklin Park today from 11:30 to 2 to find out what all the fuss is about.

Image Courtesy eatWonky

I had the chance to chat with Jeff Kelley, one of the pair behind the Poutine Machine, and he gave me some more information on the gravy-and-cheese curd concept that he and partner Minas Kaloosian are about to unleash on the DC dining scene.  Like any good politically-minded Washingtonian, I wanted to see just what makes a Wonky Dog so wonky.

As it turns out, wonky means “a little off-center” in Canadian slang – the perfect description for the idea of putting cheese curds, gravy and fries on top of a hot dog.  But somehow that’s exactly the idea that Jeff and Minas came up with upon first tasting poutine in Vancouver.  So all you policy wonks with a dream of chucking it all and starting a new career as a food truck driver/chef will have to find a new inspiration (may we suggest the guys at Pork Barrel BBQ?).

Kelley gave us a few hints of things to come and a look at the truck’s menu board.  Check them out after the jump.

The real meat and potatoes (so to speak) of the Wonky Truck’s menu is naturally the Wonky Dog.  But there’s plenty more on offer, as you can see from this official Wonky Menu Board.  The website points out the fact that “each item is a combination of some or all of our five core ingredients: fresh cut fries, all-beef dogs, squeaky cheese, fresh baked sub roll, and our flavorful gravy.”  They give a nod to California’s In-n-Out Burger for inspiring this kind of menu simplicity.  Of course that doesn’t include dessert: whoopie pies from local Treet Bakery in flavors like chocolate chip, peanut butter, chocolate mint and hazelnut Nutella.  Prices are in line with other food trucks, with the Wonky Dog selling for $6, Wonky Fries for $5.50, and the stripped down dogs and fries going for $3 each. 

Image Courtesy eatWonky

But wait…rumor has it there’s even more than meets the eye.  Fans of In-n-Out Burger know that there’s a world of options that doesn’t appear on the official menu.  Some – like Animal Style – have become so well known that the chain has taken to acknowledging them on their website.  Others, like the Flying Dutchman and the Neapolitan Shake, are out there if you know to ask.  That’s how Wonky plans to play it, and Kelley hinted that there would be ways for fans to figure out what those off-menu special items will be and how to order them at some point in the near future.

They’re also working on a treat for hockey fans who – go figure – seem to embrace the poutine idea pretty readily.  It will begin as an unofficial “tailgate” before Caps games, with the truck setting up in the nearby vicinity of the Verizon Center.  Kelley and Kaloosian are already trying to find a way to establish something formal with the team.

For now, they’re focused on delivering their core items well.  Planning to be there to welcome them to Franklin Park?  Good news – they accept both cash and credit cards.  Oh, and do yourself a favor and mention “Micky Kalo” (Minas’ nickname).  The first person in line to do so will get a free meal.  It could be you!