Ah, the new year. So full of promise. What do DC’s favorite food bloggers hope to accomplish in 2011? A LOT.  Here’s what they offered from their 2011 foodie-to-do lists…

“My foodie resolution is to drink more champagne! Really — my co-blogger Jill & I plan to devote more time to the second half of our blog name in 2011. We’ll have monthly champagne/sparkling wine reviews in addition to our usual cheesy content.”
– Colleen Levine
| Cheese and Champagne
@foodietot | @100cheeses

“I have 25!  But number #1, the one that I really suck at, is making bread.  See here, for 24 others.”
– Mary Cunningham
Arugula Files“To share at least one recipe a week with my readers (*pictures included).  In 2010, I stepped away from my recipes and focused on the other facets of food i.e. dining etiquette, top food events in the area.  For 2011, I want to return to the reason I started Johnna Knows Good Food:  cooking and sharing.”
– Johnna
Johnna Knows Good Food

“Cook more. I want to take a few toes out of the restaurant dining room and put them into my kitchen. I want to get in touch with soups, roasts, salads and challenge myself to figure out what to do with the mystery veggies at the farmers market.”
– Katie Test
Food Editor
We Love DC

“Resist the urge to check out restaurant menus online before dining.”
– Stefanie Gans
Endless Simmer

“Get back to Komi and Eve, plus try Minibar (finally!). On a more ho-hum note, keep finding ways to work leafy greens into my weeknight meals. Collard greens are the sexy newcomer on my plate these days.”
– Alison McConnell Pierce
The Humble Gourmand

“My resolutions are to get back to my regular brunches (life has gotten in the way the last couple of months…very sad and unacceptable) and to learn to cook one new vegetable each month out of my CSA box.  Cooking vegetables — outside of the usual zucchini and broccoli — scare me and it’s time to break out and tackle my fears.”
– Claudia Holwill
Brunch and the City

“I definitely need to try and make challah again (successfully!).”
– Olga
Mango and Tomato

“A few:
Eat more greens.  I love kale and collards and every green except that premixed mesclun stuff at the store that’s totally anemic.
Make more soup – learn how to make a consomme.
Chronicle my meals more. I have a memory like a sieve and think it would be enlightening (e.g.,How many dishes I’ve eaten have sweet potatoes, caselveltrano olives or aleppo pepper as trendy ingredients.  Or on a personal note, how often I’m eating red meat).”
-Melissa McCart
The Feast (Washington)

As for us… No more wasted produce! Too often we hit the farmers market and our intentions are bigger than our attention spans. Another big one is writing for the blog more regularly. We also want to join a CSA or other local food co-op.

We’d love to hear what your food resolutions are for 2011! Chime in with comments.