Extra news this week to make up for last Saturday’s absence…

Starting this off on a serious note. Due to the double-punch of rising costs and rising food needs in the community, Bread for the City a DC food pantry, is over their food budget by over $10,000 for this month. They need help. Please donate

Fans of the Arlington Rap know Remy loves Arlington. But did you know he also loves eggs?
The Real World DC cast has arrived. DCist gives us a rundown of where you might run into these exhibitionists and which DC favorites may be a safe haven.   
Planning any visits to Argentina? Be sure to try a choripan, their version of a hot dog. Or if you’re just hiking the Appalachian Trail and need some camp food, you can make it yourself. We Are Never Full shows you how.  
Wonkabout gives us a rundown of small plate restaurants in DC. 
How’s this for hospitality? A Hamptons restaurant manager retracted an awning in the middle of a rainstorm in an effort to disperse diners who were queued up to get inside. Check out the video from Gawker.  Classy.
Favorite fictional chefs from TV and movies.

Check out this recipe for sweet basil and mint iced tea. Plus the photos are glorious!  
“200 places to eat before it’s too late”authors are interviewed by the WSJ. 
Research indicates Briton’s are consuming more comfort food these days as a response to the recession. The most popular British comfort foods are bangers and mash, fish and chips, and baked beans on toast. Jesus Chrysler, if that was my comfort food I’d be depressed, too. 
A deep dive into Pintango organic gelato process.   
At eater’s guide to BBQ in Kansas City. 
Per Brightest Young Things, Adam Bernbach, the beloved former bartender at Bar Pilar, has returned to DC and joined the team at Proof
Rooftop bees get to work on menu items at the Fairmont in DC. 
What are the 10 cocktails everyone should know how to make?   
PQ Living hails Central’s banana split as the best deal in town.

Who wears short shorts and loves McDonald’s? Britney.
Denny’s plans its third Rockstar menu, this time featuring bands like Good Charlotte and Sum 41. 
Tips on cooking with beer (as an ingredient… not just holding it in your hand at the stove).  

Ever wanted to make injera – that spongy bread you get in Ethiopian restaurants – at home
Endless Simmer takes issue with the new-hot-now New York food scene. 
Recent E.Coli outbreak may have been caused by consuming yummy, yummy cookie dough. I bet it was worth it.    
If you had to choose one, would you rather give up donuts or bagels for the rest of your life? SoGood wants to know.  
The top 5 failed McDonald’s menu items.  Oh Arch Deluxe, you silly burger.
Arugula Files gives you the scoop on some summer salads.   
We Are Out of Here eats their way through the Eden Center and climbs out of a food coma to share their reviews. (HT to DC Blogs from the link)
Kit Kat receives accolades at the Cannes advertising festival for their edible postcard in the Japanese market.   
NPR muses on the recession-proof success of the Cheesecake Factory.