Hopefully by now you’re familiar with the concept of group buying: A site goes to local businesses, convinces them to offer up a product, service or gift card at a deep discount, and then turns around and offers that discount to site members.  The businesses benefit from increased exposure and incentivized customers, the buyers get more for their money, and the group buying site takes a cut of the action for their troubles.  All in all, a pretty good deal.

Last year we told you about two of these sites, Groupon and LivingSocial, and in that same post one of our readers turned us on to What’s the Deal.  Since then, we’ve reaped the benefits of quite a few reduced-price meals and a few other deals as well.  Hopefully you have, too.

If three’s a crowd, what does that make four?  This morning, Deals for Deeds went live with their first offering: $20 for 10 gourmet ice creams or milk shakes at ACKC (a $43 value).  Trade in your “deed” – what D4D calls your deal receipt – for a punch card entitling you to ten delicious treats over the course of the next year.

But Deals for Deeds has a secret weapon that they’re hoping will help them stand out in a crowded field: charitable giving.  Find out all about it after the jump. (more…)