It is a little known musical fact that Johnny Cash Kris Kristofferson was inspired to write Sunday Morning Coming Down while strolling 18th Street in Adams Morgan. Who wouldn’t be? I can’t imagine a more perfect location to lament Saturday night regrets than this particular scene of so many social crimes. Luckily you can bring your Sunday morning right back to its rightful place with a well-timed brunch at Cashion’s Eat Place.

We took in Cashion’s on a bright Sunday morning when the city was still shaking off last night’s cobwebs. The air was warm but not yet steamy. The restaurant was humming but not yet crowded. Baby Spice was sleeping peacefully in her stroller and I was looking forward to enjoying a meal with two hands when… the harmony was broken by Mike talking dirty to his Bloody Mary. It was damned indecent. But Mike is a connoisseur of the drink and it takes no small feat to impress him. This Bloody Mary was on its game: robust, spicy, and not shy with the horseradish. Mike was in brunch cocktail heaven.

It was just the start of a flawless meal. Cashion’s has long been recognized for its take on sophisticated/cozy foods featuring ingredients you may have in your own kitchen but whipped into a flavorful frenzy by the talented John Manolatos. Our brunch entrees kept the joy alive. Mike’s cornmeal waffles may as well have been delivered with a choir of angels. These golden waffles were perfectly crispy with a feathery light interior that would put any duvet to shame. The warm, ripe Virginia peaches were a juicy addition to the flavors. The syrup was served warm. Thank you Cashion’s. When did cold syrup become an acceptable condiment? It ranks up there with rock hard butter as a what-the-cuss-I-may-as-well-be-dining-at-IHOP-for-all-the-attention-to-detail-I’m-seeing-here dining annoyance.The powdered sugar added its intended sweetness but was a little overkill with the ripe fruit and syrup. Still, a killer dish. If all waffles were this good, I’d never leggo that Eggo.

A savory brunch dish and surprising dessert after the jump. (more…)

When you wake up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed at the crack of noon on a Sunday, there’s nothing that says “Thank God it’s still the weekend” quite like brunch.  Whether it’s just you and a significant other or a big group outing, brunch has a certain cache that breakfast and lunch never quite attain.  Maybe it’s the fact that it’s socially acceptable to drink before noon at brunch…

Last month, we received an invitation to a bloggers’ brunch to introduce Birch & Barley’s new brunch menu.  We joined our fellow bloggers from Adventures in Shaw, The Arugula Files, Brunch and the City, and Mango & Tomato for an epic tour of the various sweet and savory offerings on the menu.  Although we didn’t get a chance to experience an average brunch service, we definitely had the opportunity to sample a wider range of dishes than we otherwise would have.

I couldn’t help but laugh as Elizabeth and our fellow writers prepared for the feast.  Each one in turn reached into her bag and pulled out…the exact same camera.  Someone needs to alert the folks at Canon that their DSLR Rebel is THE camera of choice among the DC bloggerati.

We arrived a little early for the gathering and settled into a pair of stools at the bar.  This being a beer bar, first and foremost, I decided to check out their version of the michelada.

The drink is basically a Bloody Mary with the vodka replaced by a lighter beer.  Not surprisingly, Birch & Barley’s version hit it out of the park.  The bartender was liberal with the spices and the beer’s carbonation gives the drink an effervescence that a Bloody Mary lacks.  The combination of the two makes for an easy-drinking start to brunch, and it definitely highlights the bar/restaurant’s commitment to quality beer.

From there we made our way to the table, where a veritable feast was laid before us.  Check out some of the images after the jump to decide for yourself if brunch in a beer bar is a brilliant must-do or just another positive addition to DC’s brunch scene. (more…)

There is a Bermuda triangle of the popped-collar set in Georgetown. Cycle through the following at key weekend IMG_8827moments and you’re bound start recognizing the same faces: Smith Point and the Daily Grill for Friday night drinks and debauchery, Paolo’s and Cafe Milano for Saturday night dinner, a trip up to Gin & Tonic or Townhall that night and Peacock Cafe for Sunday morning brunch.

When we were lucky enough to have Mike’s parents include a stopover in DC on their way home from a super glam trip to France, we knew we wanted to take them somewhere delicious. After a week dining in France, we couldn’t have their first meal back in their home country be a let down. Peacock Cafe is buzzed to have the best weekend brunch in DC and, I must admit, we weren’t disappointed.

Peacock Cafe put two early points on the board with me for their schedule: brunch (not breakfast, brunch) on a Saturday and availability starting at 9 am. Finally, a restaurant brunch schedule that works for a couple of nerdy early birds like us.  Plus, Peacock Cafe hosts a slew of sidewalk seating along Prospect. We were thrilled to lay claim to an outdoor table under one of the restaurants gleaming umbrellas, letting us watch Georgetown drive, walk, and Vespa past us as the city dragged itself out of sleep. 

IMG_8818The “juice bar” at the Cafe is one of its most discussed perks.  A juice bar means something else where I’m from, but I was able to get over my twelve-year old snickering long enough to give it a good look.  I’m glad I did. The array of fresh fruit and veggie smoothies was impressive, going beyond the standard options to include things like Mike’s Red Zinger – blending apple, carroits, ginger, and beets into a vividly healthy drink he couldn’t resist.  Meanwhile, MrsMikesMom and I were perfectly pleased with our fresh lemonades, mixing just the right amount of sweet and tart.

Moving onto solid foods, the brunch menu was an impressive list of options ranging from standard breakfast (egg white omelet) to lunch (the Gene Kelly veggie sandwich featuring grilled portobello mushroom, avocado, roasted red pepper,  and tomato) to hangover cures (nachos!).

MrMikesDad’s mind was made up the minute his eyes hit the menu: corned beef hash with poached eggs and a Hollandaise sauce.  Truth be told, the corned beef hash was one of the reasons Mike wanted to bring his parents to Peacock Cafe – it’s been a longtime favorite of his dad’s, despite his kids forever moaning about how gross it looks. The hash passed muster: I haven’t seen a grown man come so close to swooning since Mike and TheJer met a cop/comicbook store owner in Boston.  

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