High end chocolate sales are going strong despite the recession. Experts point to the dessert’s health claims as the main reason behind the strength. 

There is a new destination restaurant on the horizon in Clifton, VA.

If you plan to head to New York for some holiday shopping, keep your eyes peeled for Jameson Whiskey’s new interactive billboard

Remember doing those awkward demonstrations in class? Could be worse. A cooking demonstration in an Alabama school went awry and half the student body goes home sick.  

If you were sad to see Danny get the axe in Top Chef this week, you may change your mind after reading this interview.

Trend alert: According to McCormick’s Flavor Forecast, the big trend in 2009 will be pairing comfort food with international flavors. 

A woman returned nearly $100,000 she found in Crakcer Barrel.

Folgers and Dunkin Donuts are taking advantage of the recession to move in on Starbucks. Take-home beans for both coffees are slashing their prices.

It is a glorious Saturday and we’re spending as much time outside as possible. Hopefully without an intervention from the DC fire deparment like last weekend… Here are some foodie news and stories to warm up your morning:yes-we-carve3

In case you haven’t heard, Taylor Gourmet is now open for business on H St. NE.

Dunkin Donuts is twittering.

Still celebrating Obama’s victory? Join the party this weekend. Before you go, check out the President-Elect Obama’s favorite snack foods.

Get buff with Pepsi’s new muscle milk

If you’re planning to check out some VA country fall foliage this weekend, swing by Three Fox Vineyard on Saturday night. They are staying open an extra hour and making s’mores to celebrate the close of their harvest season. You can even toast your marshmallow on one of the spears from the vines.

Rocklands will be selling smoked turkeys for Thanksgiving this year. Personally, we prefer to do the smoking ourselves.

Cupcake challenges, Virgina vineyards for sale, and Darth Vader toast after the jump!


A quick hit round up of food in the news…

Wine Spectator Gets Punked: Wine Spectator gave their award of excellence to a non-existent Italian restaurant. Wine critic Robin Goldstein decided to expose the lack of scrutiny associated with wine awards and set up a web site, copy of the restaurant’s menu, wine list (loaded with a handful of well-known wine flops) and – most importantly, according to Goldstein – submitted the $250 entry fee to include the restaurant for consideration. 

Would you like interactive marketing with your coffee?: Dunkin Donuts is testing interactive advertisements in stores that will display messages based on what you have already purchased. 

Hip hop honey bees and Jessica Simpson, beer shill, after the jump. (more…)