surfside-margaritaWhen a restaurant’s menu focuses on unfussy foods like fish tacos, fresh guacamole and salads, the presence of a chef like David Scribner can be a cause for concern.  If the chef is intent on showing what he’s capable of, the simplicity of the dishes can be overwhelmed and even ruined.

Fortunately, Surfside in Glover Park has no such problem.  Scribner’s focus on refining, rather than reinventing, results in flavors that are big but balanced.  And despite the wide range of influences that make appearances on the menu, Scribner seems to have things well in hand.  Dishes come out tasting…right.

surfside1We arrived at Surfside for a meatless Friday night dinner, having heard good things about the fish tacos and the overall vibe.  Walking in just after 8, we were greeted by a line of people waiting to order and a further crowd awaiting their food while watching for a table to open up.  The line moved steadily, giving us just enough time to familiarize ourselves with the ordering protocols: grab an order form that corresponds with the item or items you want, and then check the appropriate boxes before handing it over to the cashier.

Sounds simple enough, right?  It is…unless you decide to get creative and go for a make-your-own taco, burrito or salad.  In each case, you need to grab a separate color-coded form to fill out your a la carte order.  If everyone in your group decides to choose their own adventure, you could find yourself turning in a veritable rainbow of order slips.

Margaritas, guacamole, and some tasty fish tacos after the jump. (more…)