img_7184Maybe it’s a Jersey thing, or possibly a guy thing.  Either way, I love me a good sandwich.  There are few foods that I approach with such eager abandon as a sub piled high with fresh-sliced cold cuts, slathered with mustard and topped with lettuce, tomato and other assorted veggies.

But there are sandwiches…and then there are sandwiches.  Oh, I’ll still gladly tuck into just about any combination of meats, cheeses and bread you offer me, but there’s really only one sandwich I actively crave.  For the life of me, I couldn’t tell you when I first became aware of the one they call the Cubano, but since that day it has been the sandwich by which all other sandwiches are judged in my eyes.

Details on this not-s0-guilty pleasure – including how to make them at home – after the jump. (more…)