Just when you thought it was safe to hit the salad bar, Meat Week comes roaring back into Washington ready for round two.  Last year, Snowmageddon forced the cancellation of the final two Meat Week events in our area, leaving hungry carnivores unable to enjoy scheduled outings to Branded ’72 in Rockville and Mr. P’s Ribs and Fish on Rhode Island Avenue.  Some folks might have taken that as a sign, a warning from on high to repent and change their ways.

Not us.

This Sunday, DC Meat Week will once again provide carnivores with seven nights of barbecued deliciousness at some of the area’s best ‘cue joints.  And for the second year in a row, Meat Week will be one of your first opportunities to check out a highly-anticipated newcomer to the DC BBQ scene.  Some of the venues have stayed the same (we HAD to kick things off at Urban Bar-B-Que again, and you know we wanted take a second run at Mr. P’s), and a couple of recent additions have been added to the list as well.

Perhaps the biggest change in DC’s Meat Week chapter is who’s running the show.  I’ve passed the Captain’s hat to Jenelle Dennis, aka BabeBQ, though I’ll be staying on as First Mate along with David Gootzit.  Jenelle brings an impressive barbecue pedigree to the role – she’s a KCBS Certified Barbecue Judge and one of the architects of the Snackadium.  Seriously impressive.

Check out the full line-up of venues for this year’s Meat Week after the jump, and pay special attention to Tuesday and Wednesday nights: they’re RSVP-required sneak-peeks at two of the best things that are about to happen to the DC barbecue scene. (more…)

So who are we trying to kid? We all have the best intentions when midnight rolls around and merry dreams of how fantastic we’re going to look on this date next year because THIS year is the year we really get it together. And hey, that’s awesome. We believe it every year, too. But sometimes you just need to let loose. Everything in moderation, including moderation, right? So if you feel yourself about to slide off the wagon, you may as well do it right. Here are three suggestions from a pair who have fallen off several wagons. We’ve got your cravings covered – meats, pasta and chocolate. Read on!

Fogo de Chao
All-you-can eat usually translates to mediocre quality food but that’s not the case with Fogo de Chao. This traditional Brazilian churrascaria (which is apparently Portugese for “gorge yourself from meat on a stick”) is located in downtown DC. The carne keeps on coming as long as your two-sided disk is flipped to the green side. The term steakhouse is a bit of a misnomer here. This is more of an upscale free-for-all than you’d find at a Ruth’s Chris. There is plenty of steak but you’ll also find pork, chicken, lamb and other red-blooded assortments mixed in alongside multiple sirloin offerings. The drinks are strong and wine is plentiful. Be warned: It’s a fine line from gluttony to phyiscal illness. If you aren’t careful your new resolution might be “Avoid the meat sweats.”

Fogo de Chao
1101 Pennsylvania Ave NW
Washington, DC 20004
Fogo de Chao on Urbanspoon

The next two resolution busters are after the jump! (more…)