Lots of developments in the food service industry today including responses to the economic crisis and new restaurants opening in the DC area. Let’s get to it!

Sales for vices like alcohol, chocolate and cigarettes are up despite financial concerns around the nation. These items, along with low cost consumer packaged goods, are typically considered recession proof. You know what else is recession proof? Porn. Seems like the smartest move to make here isĀ a significant investment inĀ chocolate Reddi-Wip stock. Awww yeah.

The folks at Starbucks corporate are apparently a bunch of divas who are difficult to work with. Maybe they should switch to green tea. They’ll have nothing to fear from McDonald’s coffee competition however. The recent Wall Street events have set back the mega-chain’s plans to revamp with high end coffee. Apparently franchisees are no longer able to secure the loans necessary to take part.

Another good reason to buy locally… the melamine problem in China’s milk continues to exacerbate, sickening 54,000 babies in China, causing the death of four and prompting countries such as France and South Korea to ban not only dairy products but cookies from China as well. Kraft and Mars are exploring claims that M&Ms and oreos have also showed contamination.

DC restaurant openings, $1 million for the right Halloween treater, DC Food Network auditions and a tribute to Paul Newman after the jump! (more…)