Thanksgiving is about tradition, and here at Capital Spice we’re thankful that our families have such strong and unique traditions surrounding the holiday.  With our families’ traditions as a model, we decided to try our hands at a variation on a Thanksgiving dinner this weekend, calling it “Fakesgiving” and inviting some of our friends over to share the holiday-inspired meal.

There’s lots to tell about the meal, but we thought the turkey warranted a post all its own.  Our original plan was to buy a 16-pound turkey from the Organic Butcher of McLean, brine it for a day and then smoke it on the Big Green Egg, but the first bird they brought in for us weighed in at more than 24 pounds! 

We were overwhelmed by the prospect of that much turkey, and we knew there was no way we could fit a bird of that magnitude inside the Egg.  Thankfully, the butchers said it would be no problem to order up another fresh bird for us the next day.

As it turns out, the next turkey they received was almost 23 pounds – still a gigantic bird relative to what we were looking for.  But time was no longer on our side, so we decided to take the bird in its entirety and then break it down at home.  This would allow us to cook it more quickly, and it also permitted us to conduct a taste test (always fun) by cooking the same turkey two different ways.

Smoking on the Big Green Egg (and a visit from the DC Fire Department), roasting in the oven, and a side-by-side comparison after the jump. (more…)