Pork producers lobby to relabel Swine Flu. The H1N1 virus does sound scarier. I also like it’s-just-the-flu-people-why-is-everyone-freaking-out-lets-get-a-grip-already virus (IJTFPWIEFOLGAGA virus, for short).  Rest assured, the swine flu does not impact the safety of consuming pork

Not convinced? Check out this recipe for seafood sausage with red pepper mayonnaise.

DealingInSubterfuge gives us an ode to bacon jelly beans.

Alex of Brightest Young Things was on hand at Rock N Roll Hotel’s chicken wing eating and judging contest
Prepare for summer with a kaffir lime cordial by the Traveler’s Lunchbox. 
Ladies and gentlemen: DC’s most exclusive dinner. Take that, Minibar.
IHOP may be coming to Columbia Heights.  
Eater.com suggests Zaytinya chef Mike Isabella will be on the next season of Top Chef.  
Get a taste of authentic foods at the Embassy open houses this weekend. 

Getting on Subway’s $5 bandwagon, TGI Fridays will offer full sized meals for $5 in May.  The chain hasn’t had prices this low on the menu since it opened in 1965. 
Modern Domestic wonders what Julia Child would tweet?  WWJCT?
Looking for a twist on the original mint julep? Take your drink further South with the Creole Julep, made with Cruzan Single Barrel Estate Rum, Captain Morgan 100, Clement Creole Shrubb, peach bitters and fresh mint.   
Prosecco is rising in popularity, despite Paris Hilton’s best efforts
Thinking ahead to brunch with mom for Mother’s Day? Washingtonian has a cheat sheet
Ed Hardy, the tattoo-themed clothing brand, has launched a line of wine.

Want to take advantage of the farmers market bounty? Foodie Tots shares a great looking recipe for ramp crepes while Pithy and Cleaver share a recipe for asparagus soup
If you’re feeling especially ambitious this weekend, Desert Candy has the scoop on homemade hamburger buns  
Chef Jose Andres cooks up a  simple, cheap meal of chickpea and spinach stew in DC Central Kitchen.   
Travel and Leisure’s 50 Best New Restaurants including DC’s Founding Famers.  Jose Andres’ Bazaar in LA gets a shout out, too.    
What would Ruth Reichl eat?

High end concept restaurants in Manhattan are forging ahead, economy be damned
Heading to LA soon? Here are some notable restaurants
Ogle a scanned sandwich and get make-at-home sandwich tips from Tom Colicchio here.  
A new study hypothesizes that a menu featuring healthy options like salads often encourages diners to ultimately order the least healthy item on the menu. 


*Hat tip to Gawker for the Aporkalypse nickname.