katsuya-with-saltIt takes a practiced hand to find that perfect balance between too much salt and just enough in a run-of-the-mill recipe.  When the recipe is something as unique as a margarita with a citrus-salt “air” or “wrinkled” potatoes with a dried salt crust, however, your best bet is to leave it to the pros.

Last Thursday, Elizabeth and I did just that as we attended a demonstration by Chef Katusya Fukushima of the ThinkFoodGroup held at Bethesda’s L’Academie de Cuisine.  The class was Elizabeth’s Christmas gift to me – knowing what fans we were of Katsuya’s work at Minibar, she jumped at the chance to take me to see him in action.

overheadWe arrived a few minutes late (curse you, rush hour traffic!) for the 7 PM class, and found seats toward the back of the demonstration classroom.  Bummer, right?  Wrong!  This amphitheatre-test kitchen hybrid offers seating for roughly 30 people, and it’s set up so that everyone can see the action taking place on the counters and burners that face outward.  Even if your seat offers an obstructed view, you need only look up to find what is taking place reflected in the angled mirrors above.

A description of the class and some gorgeous photos of what Katsuya served up after the jump. (more…)