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We missed you!

Sorry for the post silence lately – we promise we’re still keeping an eye on openings, eating around town and trying some delicious dishes at home.  We’re just a bit behind on letting you know about it.

So…how about that Top Chef DC?  Yeah, definite wasted opportunity.  It had its moments: Sam Kass and school lunches, for example.  But Washingtonians and viewers in general pretty much agree that this season was lackluster.

Oh well – they’re off to Thailand and we’re ready for the rumored-but-not-officially-confirmed Top Chef All Star season that may or may not be currently filming in New York (more on that later – some familiar faces from DC may be involved).  We’re also rooting for the home team on Top Chef: Just Desserts when it debuts this week, cheering on Hook’s Heather Chittum as she takes on a field of eleven other pastry chefs.

And we’re also looking back at some more enjoyable Top Chef memories, as well.  Top Chef Season 6 gave fans plenty of talent and competition – and gave DC fans a favorite to root for clear to the end in VOLT’s Bryan Voltaggio.  The first season of Top Chef Masters provided a fun twist on the format and a winner who’s just such a darn nice guy.  And then there was the Top Chef Quickfire Cookbook – everything you need (except years of training) to duplicate some of the most inventive dishes from the show’s first five seasons.

They’re all available for purchase now…or you can win them right here.  That’s right – we’re having another Top Chef Finale giveaway contest this week.  The winner gets a prize pack that includes Top Chef Season 6, Top Chef Masters Season 1, and the Quickfire Cookbook!

Want to win?  Leave a comment with three components (one for each prize):

1. A celebrity chef you’d like to see as a judge next season
2. The competitor you would MOST like to see in an “All Star” season, were there to be one
3. A challenge from a previous season you’d like to see brought back

We’ll announce a winner (selected at random from all eligible entries) on Thursday morning, just in case you don’t get your fill of Top Chef with Wednesday night’s back-to-back episodes.

And thanks for reading!

Have you been watching Top Chef Masters?  Even though Susur Lee is credited as representing Toronto, the highest-scoring chef in the show’s history has a connection to Washington in the form of his newest restaurant.  Zentan at the Donovan House features Lee’s take on refined (and redefined) Asian cuisine.

To celebrate Lee’s performance – and to enjoy another new hot spot with friends – the DC Food Blogger Happy Hour will take place at Zentan next Wednesday, June 2nd.  We’ll get started at 6 PM and run until at least 8, and we’re going to be in the restaurant’s private dining room.  Happy hour specials will include $7 beers, $7 glasses of wine and $7 specialty cocktails.

If you’re feeling hungry, be sure to check out some of their sushi or go all out and order the nineteen-ingredient Singapore slaw.  We’ll also be there during their regular “Lucky 7’s” happy hour, so we’ll be able to enjoy $7 small plates that run the gamut from steamed pork dumplings to fluke sashimi.

As always, we ask that you join us on our Facebook page to let us know if you’ll be able to attend.  We’re already at 45 guests and counting, so this one should be BIG!  While you’re there, take a moment and let us know where you would like to do a future Food Blogger Happy Hour – chances are you’re not alone.

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