The autumn nibble is in the air, the sun sets before you even leave the office, and you have a huge craving for a delicious, healthy, homemade soup. But you live in DC which means you work long hours and probably get stuck on a metro delay on the way home. A 15-step Julia Child recipe is so not in the cards for you this Wednesday night. So what to do?

Call Soupergirl. Faster than you can say organic chicken stock reduction, signing up for Soupergirl’s weekly email list will keep you in the know about upcoming  soup deliveries which can be scheduled for your home, office, or pre-established pick up joint (sorry, Rhinobar did not make the cut). Every week Soupergirl offers two different types of soup – a chunky meal-worthy soup and a pureed light soup or appetizer. Plus, Soupergirl has a special arrangement with Treet Bakery for desserts and bread, so you can settle the score on all your comfort food needs.

Even better, Soupergirl is dedicated to the locavore movement, meaning all soups are healthy (“Healthy, but so good you can’t tell,” she claims) and seasonal. Soupergirl sources local farmers like Sunnyside and Spring Valley as well as an organic co-op for the produce it takes to make her creations. Soupergirl even sources biodegradable containers to safely carry her meals to your stoop.

I caught up with Soupergirl after a night of deliveries and she shared some of her favorite flavors plus a soup to match nearly every life occasion: