tapdcEven at the height of DC’s water quality concerns, Washingtonians were never really in danger of having to go without…it was just a matter of how long we needed to boil what was coming out of the tap before we could actually drink it.  UNICEF’s World Water Week seeks to address far more serious water-access issues in more than 90 countries around the world.

And you can help.

This week, almost 100 Washington-area restaurants are participating in this year’s version of the Tap Project.  From now through Saturday night, when you dine in these establishments you’ll receive a donation card with your bill at the end of the meal.  Any contribution you wish to make will be added to your bill and that amount will be donated to UNICEF’s clean water programs.

Tap DC, the local organization spearheading the effort, encourages diners to think of it as paying for the complimentary water we take for granted when we dine out, and they point out that a single dollar can help to provide clean, safe drinking water for a child for 40 days.  If you prefer sparkling water with your meal, consider making a donation equal to the price of that Pellegrino and you’ll be helping even more people!

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